Ruralization – Report on novel land practices

This report examines ten innovative approaches to securing land for agroecology in Europe, led by six organisations associated with the Access to Land Network:

  • De Landgenoten (DLg), Belgium
  • Kulturland (KL), Germany
  • Terre de Liens (TDL), France
  • Eco Ruralis (ER), Romania
  • Shared Assets (SA), UK
  • Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura (XCN), Spain

These organisations undertook ten “actions”, grouped together in pairs around 5 main issues: land stewardship, commons and public farmland, farm restructuring, new models to fundraise for land, and farm succession. These actions covered a wide range of topics, from the conservation of hay meadows, to creating new visions for public farmland; from exploring new ways to own farm buildings, to creating solidarity-based land access structures. This report highlights both what is specific about these practices, which tackle emerging issues in their specific contexts, and what is common to all these processes of innovation on land issues, guided by social and environmental concerns.