Ruralization – Summary report of the foresight analysis: trends, dreams and assessments

RURALIZATION project has organised a wide array of foresight activities to find out ingredients for alternative futures in different types of rural areas in Europe. These include identification and assessment of trends, inventory of futures dreams of the youth and assessment of the findings in several regional contexts. These participatory foresight activities have involved thousands of participants across Europe and serve promotion of rural regeneration.

In order to encourage and instruct the stakeholders interested in rural, regional and local development, a series of assessment events was organised to find out ways to benefit from the trends and to make the dreams come. The assessment process consisted of three parts: 20 regional futures workshops, three thematic workshops and one international research conference (these are described in detail in a separate report). These events attracted 466 stakeholders to come together and assess the trends and the dreams from diverse viewpoints. The main idea was to put the trends and the dreams back to different types of contexts (environmental, economic, demographic, political etc.) to find out ways to benefit from the trends and to make the dreams come true.