Ruralization – Typology of actions based on an analysis of current innovative actions and dicussion with stakeholders

This report presents a broad variety of land practices tending towards an agricultural, social and ecological transition. In this sense, the report assumes its normative character and the fact that it does not deal with the issue of access to land “in general”, but of access for specific agricultural models based on sustainable and community-connected approaches. In this report, “access to land” is used as a broad category, including first-time access for those who could not farm but also paying attention to the long-term aspect of access to land, which Ribot and Lee Peluso call “access maintenance” and define as “expending resources or powers to keep a particular sort of resource access open” (Ribot and Lee Peluso 2003). Access to land thus also concerns the ability for farmers to keep their activity viable in the long term. Preserving land and steering its use for sustainable and small-scale farming participates to this process, understood in a broad sense.